Maintain Sex Doll

Dolls made of systemic TPE, skin soft and smooth, beautiful figure, so you endless enthusiasm, let them go! Bust true, soft elastic! Dolls has different eyes,hairs colors and bust size for choice,if you love this doll you can contact customer service to identify.Our factory also accept designed sex doll head.


Doll joints for a long time remain bent state, the surface will appear wrinkled, but the silicone itself has good resilience, the dolls remain comfortable posture, place for some time, will be reduced wrinkles disappear.

We makeup doll conducted in accordance with the requirements of customers booking makeup and cosmetics,are using special silicone coating,tasteless, non-toxic,easy to fall off,but do not wipe hard ,especially the face eyeshadow and eyebrows,eyelashes site. If excessive force resulting in hair loss and fade,fade once buyers can repair itself or makeup under guidance,but the effect depends on the individual level may be.

Maintenance and Cleanness

Due to it is a silicone doll, please note as bellow

1) Please don't over-stretch the doll for keep it good, as silicone is very soft.

2) Leave away from knife, scissors etc. If it damage, use lique silicone at the damage, plase and wait for one day.

3) Cleanning it every 30 days used by mild shower foam. The water shoule be within 45 degrees centigrade when wash it.

4) Please do keep the head away from water.The head should be taken down and cleaned separately.


Dolls can be modified using the general cosmetic and makeup,such as lipstick , blush,etc.More detailed matters,please contact customer service for more information.

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