How to store my sex doll?

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Iron stand,hook, sofa storage trunk

So many people buy sex dolls for themselves, and they really want to know how to store them safely and in secrecy.


Usually, our sex dolls are more than 500 different models, and the height of full body sex dolls range from 100cm small sex doll to 170cm huge breast sex doll, the wight ranges from 12.3kg to 41kg. All of them are solid body with a metal skeleton frame inside, instead of inflatable doll, so the sex dolls can not be folded to store. What’s more, the doll head and doll body is separated, and can be combined by screw.


Here is two ways for reference.

1. Iron stand with hook.

It is more suitable for the sex dolls under 130cm height, as it is small size and not much heavy. It is easy to do, first, put the Iron stand on the Level ground, then hang the doll body on the iron stand by a hook, usually, there can put three or four small sex dolls on the iron stand. There are several different hooks for choosing. Kindly note that, it will be better to put Dust bag on your doll, that can it away from dust well. It will be more better if you can put another clean clothes cover it, which should not washed-out.


2. Sofa storage trunk.

If your doll is over 130cm and much heavy to hang, it will be better to use sofa storage trunk to store your dear dolls.It can be made from 100cm to 170 cm long. It looks beautiful and has a good shape. 

Some people the trunk for two purposes. (a). to have a custom storage unit for sex dolls, and (b). for its locking security, to provide their with privacy. 

Attached is a storage trunk for reference.

1. it is 144*44*37cm(Length, width, height), net weight is 18.85kg.

2. Yes, it is lockable

3.  US$180 for the storage trunk, and the shipping cost is US$350.


If you buy your sex doll with sofa trunk together, we can put the doll in it and save much shipping cost for you. Kindly note that as this storage trunk and doll send together, this package is more heavy to move. Hope the deliveryman can carry it carefully and you can get it in good condition.


Last but not the least, no matter which way you choose, the following things should remember,

Do not expose your real dolls to direct sunlight for long times to prevent aging of the material.

Don’t dress your dolls by dirty or washed-out clothes.Though our Stain Remover does an excellent job of removing most clothing stains.

Keep dolls’ arms, hands, legs vertical on the Iron stand or lying flat on the bottom of the sofa storage trunk.


If there are more question or good ideas about store sex doll, please contact us via [email protected]


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