A Letter of Sincere Apology From Sexdollcity Team

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 Apology Letter


So terrible sorry that, as our website www.sexdollcity.com is attacked and hosting is locked since August 23th, now it can not be visited

and the related email address [email protected]m can not be used any more. It resulted not only many pictures of sex dolls lost, but

also many our clients can not visit our website, contact us and make order successfully. That is a terror incident for us! Fortunately, our

customers' information has not been stolen by hackers.


In the shortest possible time, we build another new website for sex doll www.sexdollcity.cc. Now most of the dolls'detail are back

to normal, and people can place an order as usual, and we will update many new dolls’ pictures on website every week. At the same time,

we have strengthened our website security measures and removed some controversial product images. So terrible sorry that as some guys

feel some photos disturbing and complain about it, we have to fuzz up and reduce these HD photos on website. Want to see more photos/

video about it? Just send us message via [email protected]. (When it doesn’t work, you can send message to another address

[email protected]).


So for, there some people worry about the shipping, clearance and laws about sex doll in their countries, they are not sure not sure if the doll

is legal to own in their countries, they have to research the subject a little deeper before they decide whether to purchase or not they do not

want to break any laws. They will visit our website and check the new dolls’ details, but they have been hesitant to buy for a long time. Are

you the same?


We do understand your concern. Sincerely, I am not sure your local laws about sex doll. In fact, all the sex dolls are packed in neutral carton

and be sent every week by secure special line in secrecy. We do the customs clearance in the name of our company, and your personal

information will never be seen by customs officer. What is the most important thing, we will pay tax and we take all risk for your order. If 

there is any clearance problem,our company will take all the responsibility and nothing to do with you.


We are specialized in designing, producing, selling adult sex products, which 100% from the original brands, including mini sex doll, flat

chest sex doll, big breast sex doll, big ass sex doll, huge breast sex doll, lifelike sex doll, man sex doll, shemale sex doll, sex toy free

shipping. Professional sex doll wholesale and retailer with full range of love doll. Top quality, good price, fastest delivery and great service,

that have earned lots of positive feedback. We have more than three years practical experience of shipping sex dolls to USA, Canada, main

European countries, etc. There has no any bad feedback about the package, shipping or customs. What's more, We will choose the most

suitable transportation according to buyers requires and local customs policy, please don't worry about shipping and customs clearance. 


Your support and understanding is our greatest affirmation. Thanks in advance. Your support and understanding is our greatest affirmation.

Thanks in advance. In order to thanks for everyone's support for us, if you place a sex doll order and pay successfully before Oct.

7th (Chinese National Day), you will get one more wig and a doll dress for free. What's more, all of the repeat & VIP customers will

enjoy a discount $10-$30.


Here is an article about how to order on website. https://www.sexdollcity.cc/index.php?route=pavblog/blog&id=14

If there any question, free to chat with our customer service, or leave message online, we will reply you within 12 hours on weekday.

([email protected])

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