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Who is sexdollcity.com. Where are you ?

   Sexdollcity.com 's based in Shenzhen, China. We are a real life size top quality reasonable price silicone model shop! Sexdollcity.com is a leading Internet retailer committed to providing professional customer service, exclusive sex doll and a superior online shopping experience. We also are professional sex doll designer, we design different doll faces and bodies according to customer's requirement. We are the largest worldwide partner ( the top 15 sex doll factories) in China with 100% salable product and impeccable customer service system. We has one of the best reputations among online sex doll retailers. We always strive to making your online shopping experience the best it can be. Thank you for choosing sexdollcity.com.

We are specialized in designing, producing, selling adult sex products, which 100% from the original brands, including mini sex doll, flat chest sex doll, big breast sex doll, big ass sex doll, huge breast sex doll, lifelike sex doll, man sex doll, shemale sex doll,sex toy free shipping. Professional sex doll wholesale and retailer with full range of love doll. Top quality, good price, fastest delivery and great service,that have earned lots of positive feedback. 


Working time

workday, 8:00AM-22:00PM; weekend,9:00AM-20:00PM (China time)


Office address:

    Room803. Huashenghui Commercial Bulding, Xixiang, Shenzhen, China

    TEL: +86075529485302  EMAIL: [email protected]

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